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Mediation Advocacy – Representing Clients in Mediation

Two-day training for lawyers and other legal representatives about the skills of representing clients in mediation cases.

• Alternative Dispute Resolution – Concept and Types
• Legal Framework for the Use of Mediation in Serbia
• Relationship between Mediation and Court Proceedings
• Communication Skills, Active Listening Techniques, Basics Negotiation Skills
• Detecting Mediable Cases and Selection of Mediators
• Preparing Lawyers and Clients for Mediation
• Mediation Settlement Agreement
• Advocacy Strategies, the Role of Lawyers in Mediation
• Mediation Stages, Cooperating with the Mediator Before, During and After Mediation
• The Legal Nature of the Agreement Reached in Mediation

  • Blazo Nedic, lawyer, regional mediator of the World Bank, president of the National Association of Mediators of Serbia (NUMS)
  • Dragana Cuk Milankov, psychologist, mediator, Center for Alternative Conflict Resolution (CARS)

For all information about registration for this training, please contact us by phone 011/3231 552, or by e-mail at

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