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ADR Partners is the first organization in Serbia registered for providing mediation and alternative dispute resolution services. ADR Partners provides mediation and other ADR services, organize trainings of mediators, legal professionals and other interested parties, also provides ADR consultancy and advisory services to public and private sector, and supports development of internal mediation and ADR capacities in courts, businesses, professional associations and other stakeholders.

Our mediators are licensed and our trainers accredited by the Serbian Ministry of Justice. Our neutrals and consultants have over 20 years of experience and are certified by the World Bank Group, American Bar Association (ABA), JAMS International, ACR (US), ADR Group (UK), Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Anti-Discrimination Commissioner of Serbia, etc.

We are part of ADR Center Global, the first global network with organizations in 12 countries, which provides mediation and ADR services to law firms, corporations and international organizations worldwide. Our multinational panel of mediators with over 20 years of experience, provides the highest quality services, uses the most modern case-management system and acts according to the unique rules of mediation.

ADR Partners are also based on long-term cooperation with Partners Serbia, which have nearly 15 years of experience in the implementation of international development projects in the field of judicial reform, democracy and human rights development, alternative dispute resolution and mediation. In cooperation with Partners Serbia, ADR Partners participated in realization of project activities and organization of training, consultations, mentoring and coaching in the field of mediation, negotiation, public advocacy, information of public importance, protection of personal data, and training for future lecturers and Training of Trainers.